Automatic Warning System (Net, Cage, Fish and Farm)

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Automatic Warning System

The fish farming process continues in critical situations due to many situations. It is necessary to take action in line with these conditions. At this point FisherManager warns you.

- Instant weather information and warnings about possible problems that may occur within 1 month.

- Makes risk analysis according to the occupancy rate of the current networks and cages and makes suggestions about possible crisis situations.

- Routine maintenance to be done, feeding processes such as the right timing to notify.

- Calculates the probabilities related to the presence or absence of critical personnel in the farm in line with the current needs and ensures that measures are taken.

- When the feed stocks fall below the defined critical amount, it sends notification to the required units and reminds them.

- Receives wind and storm information according to farm location and gives warnings before feeding and diver operations.

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